Fishing technique

Troling > The Troling Technique is practiced by pulling several rods with a bait; Trolling fans are twice as good on the Predator boat as Captain’s favorite fishing technique. In addition to top-of-the-line rods and rollers, the ship is equipped with premium outriggers that provide the best possible presentation of bait and teaser and are mandatory equipment without which this fishing should not go. Trolling is exciting fishing because of the combination of equipment, bait and large area being searched.

Poping > Gulls’ activity is a clear sign that tuna drifted to the surface in search of food which is an ideal opportunity to catch tuna in an attractive poping technique. Poping technique is extremely attractive when we see the tune on the surface casting a long poping stick with poper on the surface and there is a great chance for an attractive catch.

Jigging > Fishing full of activity, adrenaline and surprises will thrill you for the adrenalineous adrenaline that occurs when the fish catches a jig at high speed in search of food; the fishing technique is practiced in such a way that the spoiler is lowered below the bottom of the ship and when it falls with the movements up, it rises and the fish slopes vertically upwards.

Drifting > The most famous technique in the big game fishing world, after arriving at the planned fishing position, we begin with the creation of a sardine trap, the engine of the ship is extinguished, the rods are lowered and everything is ready to catch the giant tunes that track the sardines. Hunting with a live bass (sardon), the sound of a roach of the roach is a clear indication that the giant tuna is caught. Fishing is particularly interesting because of the constant activity on the boat and the adrenaline flutter that occurs after the fish pulls the bait at a high speed and starts to roll the roll.

Swordfishing > A swordfish experience that every fisherman remembers for a lifetime, technique is practiced at night, hunting with a live bait in a known position; two barges descend into the sea and a hydro-glow lamp falls in order to catch the bush as close to the bait.

Bulletin Technique (Deep Fishing) > If you are one of those who love constant action and hunting sheepskins, blacksmiths, ladies, brooms and other fish marriages it is fishing for you.